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Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG

Ackerstr 42
32051 Herford
+49 5221 185 0

The Stiegelmeyer-Group stands for premium quality hospital and care products, developed specifically for the complex demands of day-to-day medical practice. Their core products are high-tech beds and furnishing solutions. As a medium-sized enterprise with headquarters in Germany, Stiegelmeyer designs and produces for domestic clients as well as for global markets. In order to consistently maintain their high quality standards they manufacture their core products in-house. At their facilities in Germany and Europe, Stiegelmeyer strives every day to develop technologically innovative products that offer a high degree of comfort and safety to patients but also facilitate the work of care staff.

Exhibited At: 
Sicuro tera ICU bed by Stiegelmeyer

Sicuro tera ICU bed

Quado bedside cabinet

Deka hospital bed by Stiegelmeyer

Deka hospital bed

Aero4 mattress by Stiegelmeyer

Aero4 alternate pressure mattress

Conturo bedside cabinet by Stiegelmeyer

Conturo bedside cabinet

Combino bedside cabinet by Stiegelmeyer

Combino bedside cabinet

Vida hospital bed

Junior paediatric cot

Venta care bed by Stiegelmeyer

Venta care bed

Libra care bed

Libra care bed

Puro hospital bed by Stiegelmeyer

Puro hospital bed

Evario hospital bed by Stiegelmeyer

Evario hospital bed