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Chmieleniecka 15 str.
84-214 Bozepole Wielkie
+48 517 704 596

As Esvico we are a company producing ECG electrodes, located near Gdansk, Poland.

Our webside:

Our production based on raw materials reputable suppliers.

EsviSensor electrodes have excellent conductivity and low noise, which provides clear and stable ECG signal. Made of base coated by hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive is characterized by excellent adhesion to the skin. The components used are patient-friendly, does not cause skin irritations.

We offer:

1. The highest quality:

- Excellent conductivity

- Hypoallergenic components

- Excellent adhesion to the patient's skin

2. Very short delivery terms for small orders- shipping practically the next day after order is placed (the most popular electrodes on the market we keep in the warehouse).

3. Very attractive prices (negotiable depending on the size of orders).

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EsviSensor electrodes