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Eb Neuro Spa

Via Pietro Fanfani 97/a
50127 Florence FI

EB Neuro is an historical worldwide player in design and manufacturing of systems Neurodiagnostic, Neuro rehabilitation, Research and portable ECG. Technology leader in many of these fields, EB Neuro commitment is to deliver nothing less than the best. EB Neuro Products Lines: - EEG/VideoEEG Systems, with Wi-Fi EEG/LTM, cEEG (Continuous EEG) and SLEEP Analysis - Holter EEG/PSG systems - Neurodiagnosis systems for ICU, aEEG (CFM) - EMG/NCS Systems, with EP/ERP functions - TMS and rTMS Systems (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), with Neuronavigation System, - ECG Systems for Rest, Stress Test

Exhibited At: 

Easy ECG Holter

Easy ECG Pocket

Neurotravel Light

NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigator


Be Micro

Be Plus PRO

Be Plus LTM

NeMus 2

NeMus 1