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C/ Bernat Metge 110-112
08205 Barcelona Barcelona

Manufacturer of sterilization packaging for STEAM, EO, FORM and PLASMA (Peroxide). Produced in Spain and supplied to 50 countries worldwide. Excellent quality and service. Orders ready for expedition in 72 hours and conform to normative.

Exhibited At: 

BOLSACREPE - Crepe wrapping paper

BOLSAPOCKET - Sorting bag

BOLSACOVER - Non woven reinforced pouch

BOLSAPACK - Tyvek®/film pouches and rolls for sterilization by PLASMA (VH2O2)

Bag for biohazard products in red polypropylene

BOLSARISK - Biohazard Bag

BOLSADUST - Protective Bag

Sterilization pouches and reels

BOLSAPACK - Paper/film pouches and rolls for sterilization by STEAM, EO and FORMOL