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Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

20 Ramsey Road
Shirley, New York 11967
United States

Biodex develops technology for advancing patient progress addressing the weak or balance deficient. Rehabilitation technology to address neuromuscular evaluation, therapeutic exercise, gait training and range of motion difficulties in patients suffering from Strokes, Parkinson's Disease, Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury, Orthopedic and Vestibular.

Biodex offers advances in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging solutions with dose calibrators, thyroid uptake, radiopharmaceutical chromatography, lung ventilation, lead-lined furniture, exposure protection, cleanroom solutions and products to improve the image and procedure. 

Biodex develops surgical C-Arm Tables for pain care, cardiovascular and urologic procedures. Ultrasound tables designed for echocardiography, OB/GYN and other general procedures. MRI Stretchers, wheelchairs and accessories made of durable and advance materials.  

Exhibited At: 
Biodex System 4

Biodex System 4

Balance System™ SD

Atomlab™ 960 Thyroid Uptake System

Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator

Surgical C-Arm Table - Biodex

Biodex Surgical C-Arm Table - 840

Sound Pro™ Combination Table