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Axis Medical

Karavangeli 4
551 33 Kalamaria

Axis Medical is a Healthcare design and construction company with many years of experience and specialization in the design, installation and construction of operating theaters, intensive care units, recovery care units, laboratories and clean rooms.
Our main services are:
• Architectural – Hospital Planning
• Electrical – Mechanical Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Medical Equipment Planning
The company was established in 2006 in Thessaloniki, Greece from a visionary group of senior engineers with long experience in the healthcare sector and facilities offering medical services. After a long period of delivering successful projects in Greece and abroad, Axis Medical established the first international office in Frankfurt in 2015 followed by Singapore in 2016 and Kuwait in 2018.
Axis medical offers a turn-key solution, which includes all the built-in elements of an operating room:
• Modular Wall System
• Medical Gas Solutions
• Lights & Ceiling
• OR Control Panel
• Floor Covering Systems
• Integration System – Digital OR
• Air Conditioning Solutions – Laminar Flow System
• Scrub Up Units
• Doors (Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors)
• Built-in equipment
At Axis Medical we understand that behind every great product and service there is a great team. Over the years we have tried to grow our family and include professionals from various aspects of the healthcare industry in order to provide a more holistic perspective and service. Currently our team includes architects, electrical and mechanical engineers, civil engineers, biomedical engineers, doctors, nursing professionals, economists and IT specialists.

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Axis Medical

Modular wall system - Turn key Healthcare constructions