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Awareness Technology Asia & Africa

P.O. Box 120543 sharjah
Q3 146
United Arab Emirates
971 65578058

Awareness Technology, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality diagnostic instruments and equipment for the low to medium volume laboratory since 1982. We specialize in ELISA, chemiluminescence, Biochemistry instrumentation and ELISA reagents, with an emphasis on quality, reliability, economic design and price. Our clients have come to expect and appreciate the high level of customer service they receive from our sales and technical support staff. Awareness Technology values our business partners, and we have an earned reputation as a reliable and economic source for the equipment, supplies and advice that they depend on to service their customers.


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Awareness Technology's OEM Services


Stat Fax 4200

QC & Verification

Redi-Check® Photometer

Allergy Testing

Enzy•Dex® Quantitative Custom Acti•Tip

Allergy Testing

Allerg•Ens® Fixed Panels & Custom Panels

Allergy Testing

Allerg•E® Acti•Tip® system

Allergy Testing

Rapid•Ens® Fixed Panels Allergy Screening Test

Chemistry Reagents

Chemistry Reagents

ELISA Reagents

ReQuest® ELISA Reagents

Awareness Technology® Announces Reagent Products from Quest International and Dexall®Biomedical Labs

Stat Fax® 4700 Microstrip Reader

Stat Fax® 2200 - Microplate Incubator + Shaker

ReQuest® Immunoassay kits

Dri-Dye® Check Strips

Stat Fax® 2600 Microplate Washer

LumiStat® Microstrip Luminometer

LuMate® Microplate Luminometer

ChemWell® Automated EIA and Chemistry Analyzer

Redi-Check® Photometer Check Set

Stat Fax® 4500 Chemistry Analyzer