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Medical Equipment & Devices

Browse the extensive array of medical devices in Omnia’s Global Medical Directory. Explore a large collection of products by category including orthopedic devices to bronchoscopes and many more. In this directory, you can learn about the companies that specialize in medical devices, and have the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.

Cadaver Trolley

Cadaver Lift (Hydraulic)

Cadaver Lift (Chargeable)

Panel Type Morgue Unit (Triple Front Door)

Panel Type Morgue Unit (Triple Side Door)

Panel Type Morgue Unit (Dual Front Door)

Panel Type Morgue Unit (Double Side Door)

Stainless Steel Shower Stall

Narcotic Cabinet

Cleanıng Trolley

Sample Collecting Window

Pedestal Ashtray

Pedestal Ashtray

Inox + Plastic Panel Shelf System

Perforated Panel Shelf System

Shelf System for Slipper

Perforated Panel Shelf System

Inox + Plastic Panel Shelf System

Modular Drug Storage Shelves

Soap Dispenser (Pneumatic)


Hotbox Trolley

Toothbrush Holder (Set-Top)

Liquid Soap Dispenser (Set-Top)

WC Brush Holder

Z Fold Paper Towel Dispenser

Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser (Smiling Mouth)

Jumbo WC Paper Provider

Stainless Steel Toilet (With Jet Flush)

Stainless Steel Water Closet

Wall Mounted Pissoir

Stainless Steel Water Closet

Stainless Steel Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser

Urine Bottles Holder (Wall Mounted)

Brush Holder (Binary)

Disabled Seats

Disabled Grab Bars

Disabled Seats

Disabled Grab Bars

Epoxy Coated Hydraulic Waste Receptacle

Hydraulic Waste Receptacle

Swinging Cover Thrash Can

Plaster Preparation Table

Baby Washing Table

Stainless Washbasin System

Stainless Steel Sink

Mop Washing Sink

Mounted Sink (Wall Type)

Mounted Sink (Type Wall)

Stainless Washbasin (Wall type)