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Yankauer Suction Set with crown tip manufacturer in India
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Yankauer Suction Set


  • Yankauer is a suction set used for the removal of blood and fluids during surgery. Our Yankauer Suction set is used for general suction purpose as well. It has a rigid transparent suction handle available with bulb/plain open tip. It is obtainable with and without control vents.
  • Features of our Yankauer Suction Set:
  • The complete set is provided with our Yankaur Suction Tip mounted on two meter long ribbed tube.
  • Universal connector at both the ends.
  • Complete set with other type of Suction tips available on request.
  • Universal connectors are molded from soft PVC,to accommodate the Suction tip on one end and most type of connectors of Suction Apparatus at the other end.
  • Consists of Ribbed tube which is kink resistant and has the strength to withstand the suction.

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