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Xenon Laryngoscope Handle Range
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Xenon Laryngoscope Handles Range

The Timesco Xenon laryngoscope handles are available in medium, small & stubby size. They are fully autoclavable and have an extensive guarantee. They offer exceptionally bright illumination from a replaceable Xenon bulb and can be used with reusable and single use blades.

  • A polished metal collar reflects and directs light up towards the fibre core of the blade for maximum illumination.
  • Clear product branding with the product code and CE located on the opposite side to the Xenon logo. The LOT number is shown on the top of the handle.
  • Knurled handle design provides excellent grip.
  • Fully autoclaveable metal handle, covered by a 5 year guarantee or 4,000 autoclaves, whichever is sooner. See website for full terms and conditions.
  • Super-bright replaceable 2.5V Xenon bulb providing excellent, white illumination with a LUX output of 18,000. Bulbs provide up to 20 hours of use and a colour temperature of 2,900(k).
  • Colour coded band to clearly identify it is ISO 7376 fitting compatible with green fitting reusable and single use blades.
  • Powered by dry cell batteries or easily converted to a rechargeable handle by using the Timesco R Lithium Engines.
  • Secure screw cap for easy access to batteries.

Product Code     Description
3000.350.05       Xenon Laryngoscope Handle, Small 146mm x 19mm
3000.350.10       Xenon Laryngoscope Handle, Medium 146mm x 29mm
3000.358.10       Xenon Laryngoscope Handle, Stubby 111mm x 32mm

Product Code     Description
3000.900.20       Optima XL Bulbs Xenon 2.5V Box of 6
3000.900.21       Optima Xl Bulb Xenon 2.5v Per