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Model No :- HHWF 101


Specification :-

Water Filter is used for pure drinking water

Water Filter gives you the solution for better health and hygiene. It gives you clean, pure & safe drinking water , it helps protecting your family from water-borne disease.

The S.S. Container consists of upper and lower chambers made of Non-Magnetic stainless steel.

The Ceramic Candle filter's Activated Carbon Granular & Silver Particles kills all the germs and spores & allowing pure, Crystal clear water.

Water Filter is made of Stainless Steel 202 Grade which has good corrosion resistance to many environments has good formability and can be readily welded.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Water Filter:

Pour water straight from the top in to the upper chamber.

The laboratory tested candle filters all germs, bacteria and impurities out of the water.

The Stainless steel containers resist chemical reaction and non corrosive and scratch proof, light and unbreakable.

Safe pure water collects in the lower chamber which is ready to drink crystal pure & safe water.

Model No             Capacity                  Candle Filter No's
HHWF 101             10 LTR               1 Low Height Candle 5 INCH         

HHWF 102             18 LTR                 2 Regular Candle 7 INCH         

HHWF 103             21 LTR                 2 Regular Candle 7 INCH         

HHWF 104             24 LTR                 3 Regular Candle 7 INCH     

HHWF 105             27 LTR                 3 Regular Candle 7 INCH        

HHWF 106             34 LTR                 4 Regular Candle 7 INCH

HHWF 107             40 LTR                 4 Regular Candle 7 INCH