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Videomonitoring kit for EEG-video and software "Encephalan-Video"
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Videomonitoring kit for EEG-video and software "Encephalan-Video"

Continuous multichannel synchronous recording of EEG / PSG data and video on the state of the patient is the "gold standard" for the differential diagnosis of epilepsy and sleep disorders:

  • continuous EEG monitoring in epilepsy and neurological departments for differential diagnosis of epilepsy;
  • neuromonitoring and cerebral functions monitoring in the intensive care units and emergency room;
  • polysomnographic and scientific studies.

EEG video monitoring kit and the software "Encephalan-Video" in combination with electroencephalograph-recorder "Encephalan-EEGR-19/26", or electroencephalograph-analyzer "Encephalan-131-03", Cerebral function monitor "Encephalan-CFM" provide a synchronized high-quality record of video data and physiological parameters of the patient.

Continuous simultaneous EEG video monitoring can be carried out in specialized wards of epileptological and neurological departments with a stationary video equipment or in natural environment of the patient (e.g. at home) using portable (mobile) versions of video equipment.

For the first time the company provides an autonomic video equipment kit for synchronized video record (up to 1 frame accuracy) with the EEG data onto the internal video memory card of a recorder, which sets a new level of innovation in autonomous EEG studies. The videorecorder can be used by medical staff or relatives of the patient for video fixation of paroxysmal and other behavioral manifestations during autonomous EEG/PSG studies (Holter EEG).