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Veterinary Immunoassay Analyzer
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Vi Veterinary Immunoassay Analyzer

skyla Vi Veterinary Immunoassay Analyzer enables better access to testing and rapid clinical decision making, discussion, and implementation of optimized treatment. To get the result, only prepare 1 - 10 μl micro sample (venous blood is accepted) without pretreatment with an easy step: collect sample, insert sample to the cartridge, put the cartridge onto the carrier, press "OK" key on the screen, and then read the result after 5 mins. 

Available Items

  • Integrated Makers of Systemic Inflammation - Canine CRP (cCRP), Feline SAA (fSAA)
  • Medication Monitoring - Phenobarbital (PHBR)
  • Eugenics Index - cProgesterone
  • Endocrine Index - cT4, cTSH, cCortisol
  • Diabetes Maker - HbA1C