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We can tailor-make your unique underpad, you may choose different features, packaging, absorption or any combination to create your own product.  In the followings, we will help you know more the structure and features of underpad.

First of all, we can make many sizes of underpad, which range from 30 x 40cm to 80 x 90cm. Below are some common sizes for underpad.

30 x 45cm

33 x 45cm

40 x 60cm

45 x 60cm

60 x 75cm

60 x 90cm

Secondly, let’s have a look the basic features of an underpad.
The simplest underpad must have the below features.

1. Hydrophilic Top Sheet
2. Absorption Core
3. Water Proof Layer

1. Hydrophilic Top Sheet

It is a non woven with Hydrophilic treatment, which have strong affinity with water.

It enables to have quick absorption of water from the surface.

It acts like a bridge between the surface and the core.

It provides the soft touching to the skin.

2. Absorption Core

It is the main component of absorbing liquid. It combined by mixing of SAP and virgin wood pulp.

Our long term SAP partners are Sumitomo from Japan and BASF from Germany.

Our long term virgin wood pulp partners are Weyerhaeuser and International Paper from USA.

Double Core enables to concentrate the absorption in the middle of the core.

3 water channels enhance the absorption speed.

You may change the amount and ratio of SAP and wood pulp to alter the absorption performance.

3. Water Proof Layer

The raw material is Polyethylene (PE).

It prevents the leakage from the bottom of the diaper.

It can be divided into 2 classes, ‘breathable’ and ‘non breathable’. The breathable PE enable the air go thru the water proof layer while non breathable PE cannot.

The breathable PE is softer and have a non woven layer outside, it results a cloth touch of the diaper.

The non breathable PE is also soft but the appearance is plastic only.

Both types can be printed with color logo.

4. Emboss Pattern 

You may also add emboss pattern to have different appearance, such as big square, small square and pin point.