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Transportix B-D
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Transportix B-D

The Transportix-BD, is a compact and powerful X-RAY system, with output power up to 50Kw, and unsurpassed quality, making it unique in the radiological market.

Its ergonomic design addresses both operator and patient needs for convenience and efficacy and it can be possitionated with precision and ease. The Operator can easily perform a wide range of patient examinations and positions, such as standing, seated bedside, wheelchair emergency cases and patients with other physical challenges.


The high frequency technology in flat waveforms of the Transportix-BD provides superior image quality. Powerful, the system has proven capability to provide up to 500 mAs output with consistently reprodutible results. Unique in the mobile market for its industry leading 50Kw output, power wich enables a full routine of application possibilities, the high frecuency  technology also offers minimum exposure times of 1ms, making it ideal for adult examinations and pediatrics, where patient movement, dose and image quality are primary considerations.

Transportix-BD is essentially an x-ray room on wheels where functionality is not compromised despite is extraordinary energy storage capabilities allowing for practical usage without mains connections. Among his principal characteristics are:

  • Up to 200 images of 160 mA (70kVp, 320 mA, 0.5sec)
  • Storage capacity up to 80.000 mAs@100mA
  • Range from 40 to 150 mA
  • From 0.1-500mA
  • 492 anatomical program storage capabilities.