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SWISH - ozone insoles sanitizer

The power of ozone sanitization

The disinfectant properties of ozone have long been used across many industry sectors.

They are now available in the best medical equipment shops, thanks to SWISH sanitizer, the practical and effective solution conceived for insole users.

How it works: SWISH sanitizer utilizes the bactericidal properties of ozone, a natural and unstable gas. Contact with microorganisms causes ozone to oxidize, thus killing fungi, mites, bacteria, viruses… wiping out the molecules which cause bad smell. Unlike chemicals, no residual is left in the air after use and it is non-staining. A few minutes after use ozone reverts back to oxygen.

Ozone penetrates fibres, reaching areas which are not properly cleaned even with thorough washing cycles, ensuring excellent sanitization levels for your insoles.

Safe and eco-friendly: Ozone sanitization is recognized by the Ministry of Health as a natural system for sanitizing environments contaminated with bacteria.


Practical and effective

Insoles sanitised in a few minutes

Effective against bad smell

Safe and eco-friendly

Suitable for diabetics

Kills fungi, viruses and bacteria