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Hospital Application

The Steam High Temperature Sterilizer CISA (as shown on the legend) according the regulations of the CSSD is installed in the clean area with pass through access of sterile area.

“The machine is designed with PLC industrial grade microprocessor control for higher safety and guaranteed reliability; CISA R&D engineers have used advanced design to optimize the machine for the use in hospitals, by working on quality, safety and ergonomy.

The machine is built with highest quality components for perfect hygiene, perfect operation, high durability and maximum safety.

They are designed with a simple user system for operators and in full compliance with environmental requirements and low noise emissions. The Installation and the maintenance of the machines are easy and for the most of the models is possible to be done from the frontal side of the machine itself. Compact architecture and high reliability, are the core features of all our models.”



Think Different

All pre-programmed cycles are validated as per EN285 standards. The customer can also run validation using the included validation ports for customer cycles according UNI EN ISO 17665-1.

The autoclave has programmed different cycles, depending on its application.

The cycles are as follows:

1. Sterilization cycle at 134°C for general porous load, empty glass ware and generally all load that is temperature-proof

2. Sterilization cycle at 134°C for general solid load, specifically for surgical instruments, empty glass ware and generally all load that is temperature-proof.

3. Sterilization cycle at 121°C for general porous load, empty glassware and generally all load that is temperature-proof

4. Flash cycle at 134°C

5. Steam penetration test cycle (Bowie & Dick)

6. Vacuum leak test

7. Open cycle (from 01 to 60 programmable cycles; must be validated; password protected)