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Sleep signals recorder "ApnOx"
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Sleep signals recorder "ApnOx"

• "ApnOx-04" model (Type IV AASM)
for respiratory screening (apnea screening)

Signals and parameters:

  • oxygen saturation (SpO2);
  • respiratory rate and conventional respiratory amplitude, as well as snore and airflow velocity (using pressure airflow sensor (P-flow);
  • pulse rate and perfusion index (based on photoplethysmogram using SpO2 sensor);
  • body position and total movement activity (integrated movement activity sensor);
  • CPAP Pressure.

Recording modes:

  • autonomous – data record onto the memory card;
  • telemetric – data transmission into computer via wireless Bluetooth© channel.

Over 10-hour record of physiological data onto the memory card.

As a result of the study, necessary reports on sleep statistics are generated based on automatically detected events.

• "ApnOx-10" model (Type III AASM)
for apnea screening and cardiorespiratory monitoring

Supplemented with wireless module Poly-4

Signals and parameters:

  • respiratory effort from thoracic and abdominal sensors;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • heart rate (based on ECG);
  • snore (accelerometer sensor);
  • airflow (thermistor airflow sensor);
  • pulse wave transit time and indirect assessment of the blood pressure dynamics (based on ECG and PPG);
  • motility (accelerometer sensors or surface EMG sensors);
  • skin conductance;
  • signals from DC-inputs.

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