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Sirius XL Eclipse Macintosh 2 & 3 Blades in case

The Sirius XL Eclipse laryngoscope blades belong to the industry leading Sirius XL family of blades, exclusively available from Timesco.

They are made from high grade stainless steel & incorporate an exceptional glass fibre optic core, allowing maximum light from Timesco Xenon or XLED laryngoscope handles to reach the articulating tip of the blades.

The Sirius XL Eclipse laryngoscope blades are supplied with an extensive 5 year guarantee; our mark of quality that you can trust.

The Sirius XL Eclipse laryngscope blades are fully autoclavable and available in Macintosh design sizes 2, 3 & 4, benefitting from an enclosed fibre optic core preventing any ingress of debris, allowing for easy cleaning. Timesco also offer a complete range of standard Sirius XL blades. 

The Sirius XL Eclipse laryngoscope blades are an invaluable aid for difficult intubations as they feature a flexible tip for elevation of the epiglottis fold providing an improved view of the trachea without excessive force resulting in less patient trauma.


  • The non-replaceable glass fibre bundle is fully enclosed in the blade which allows easy cleaning.
  • Rigid metal construction from fully autoclavable, antimagnetic stainless steel.
  • Lever positioned at the rear of the blade to control the tilting tip.
  • 3 metal ball bearings for secure fitting.
  • Green ISO 7376 fitting metal block compatible with fibre optic handles.
  • Clear product information etched on the blade.
  • Tilting tip for the elevation of the epiglottis, providing an improved view of the larynx, without excessive force.
  • Atraumatic distal end.
  • Fully autoclavable metal blade, covered by a 5 year guarantee or 4,000 autoclaves, whichever is sooner.

Product Code                    Description

2955.177.20                        Sirius XL Eclipse Macintosh 2 and 3 in case

The Timesco Sirius XL Eclipse laryngoscope blades benefit from an articulating tip to enable the elevation of the epiglottis fold; providing an improved view of the trachea without excessive force, resulting in less risk of patient trauma especially in difficult intubations. For example:

  • Patients with restricted mouth opening
  • Patients with protruding teeth
  • Patients that have decreased neck movement
  • Patients with spinal injuries
  • Patients with cervical neck collars in use

Timesco also offer single use Eclipse blades in our Callisto range.