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Rodilla Revision

Genutech CCK revision femoral component

The GENUTECH® CCK revision femoral component is designed to restrict implant mobility and increase its stability through the use of stems and augmentation blocks.


– Optimization of contact between the patellar canal and the patella:

Search for maximum joint congruency between the canal and the patella that minimizes stresses between said components, reducing the risk of wear.

Increased canal depth, favouring guidance and contact.

Orientation of the patellar canal, adjusted to the anatomical morphology.

– Anatomical femoral components to favour adaptation of the implant to the patient’s bone morphology after surgery.

– External geometry that respects the interaction between the implant and soft tissues.

– Multiradial condylar geometry.

– Polished exterior surface for a smaller coefficient of friction and greater durability of the tibial and patellar joints.

– Optimal contact surface (anterior, posterior and bevels) on the femur to provide greater stress dissipation.

– It permits fixation of the posterior and distal supplements.

– Cavities of controlled thickness to ensure optimal cementation cohesion of the bone-CrCo interface.

– Restriction in the varus/valgus motion due to the fit between the intercondylar box and the insert post. The external-internal rotation is likewise restricted.

– Post design with 5º valgus for femoral stem fixation (straight and offset) at a minimum height to offer a system that combines high mechanical resistance with minimal interference of this posterior cortical post in the use of offset stems with major bone deficiencies.

– A progressive intercondylar box provides high stability, constriction throughout the articular range and prevents dislocation.

– 4 sizes (right and left).