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ProlapTM  Single Use Laparoscopic Retriever
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ProlapTM Single Use Laparoscopic Retriever

ProlapTM  Laparoscopic Retriever is a single-use instrument consisting of a tube and retrieval bag, designed for retrieving specimen in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedures. The instrument is available in two sizes as per the dimensions of the retrieval bag.

Salient Features :

Two sized bags to provide for adaptation to different specimens

Purse-string suture for easy closure of bag before withdrawal

Cost effective and convenient to use

Packaging :

Bladeless Trocar: 1 sealed per box

Trocar Kit: 1 unit each of kit contents in a single sealed pack, 1 sealed pack per box

Veress Needle: 6 sealed packs per box

S&I Cannula: 3 sealed packs per box

Retriever: 6 sealed packs per box (Veress Needle, S&I Cannula and Retriever are also available in single units in individual sealed packs)


Store at room temperature. Do not expose to temperature exceeding 54° C (130° F)


All ProlapTM  devices are provided STERILE and intended for use in SINGLE PROCEDURE on a SINGLE PATIENT only. The devices are to be discarded after single use and not resterilized.

Laparoscopic surgery should be performed by surgeons who are familiar with laparoscopic (endoscopic) techniques.


Not intended for use where laparoscopic techniques are contraindicated.