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Model No : BBPC 111

Type : Platelet Incubator Cum Agitator

Specification :

Microprocessor based heating system to control the temperature of incubator with in 22°C±2°C

LED display with temperature controlling resolution: 0.5°C and display resolution 0.1° C

Chart range (0-40°C). 4. Battery operated chart recorder or data logger, for recording on chart

paper with seven days graphic inkless temperature recorder.

Cabinet material: Exterior: 1mm, epoxy polyester powder coated stainless steel. Interior

Cabinet material: Exterior: 1mm, epoxy polyester powder coated stainless steel. Interior: 0.8mm stainless steel sheet.

Door: triple glass transparent door (Lockable) with anti-fogging inner glass.

Air circulation: by fan to maintain uniform temperature at different parts and cabinet.

Audio/ visual alarm: in case of high temperature, low temp, agitator failure, door open, power failure and temperature sensor failure.

Display of temperature even at power failure

Prevention of air leakage and ambient ingress with magnetic gas kit

Power source: 220-30V, 50-60Hz AC.

Model No                                                Size                                 Capacity of Bags

BBPC 111  24 Platelet bags accommodated Ventilated Shelf 4 Layers    6 Each                                                                                                                              Layer 

BBPC 112  36 Platelet bags accommodated Ventilated Shelf 6 Layers    6 Each                                                                                                                              Layer

BBPC 113  48 Platelet bags accommodated Ventilated Shelf 8 Layers    6 Each                                                                                                                              Layer