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PILOMED- For Piles

Pilomed is a medical device and not a drug or food supplement. Pilomed is a barrier spray to treat haemorroids and anal fissures symptoms. Pilomed is formulated in a 25ml spray form and approximately 1.3ml/day is used for the treatment over a span of 7-10 days. In cases where the patient is suffering from Stage 3 & Stage 4 haemorroids, usage of a second bottle of Pilomed is recommended for a period of another 7 days for complete relief.


  • Herbal Proprietary blend containing Menthol
  • Excipients

Benefits of Pilomed:

  • Convenient OD application
  • Reduces complaints of Haemorrhoids and Anal fissure without surgical procedure
  • Relieves haemorroid pain after first use
  • Correct usage of one bottle of Pilomed reduces haemorroid size in most patients & the haemorrhoids may disappear
  • By reducing the size of clot, Pilomed regulates anal circulation
  • Resolves itching and is skin friendly

Dosage and direction for use:

  • Position yourself in a comfortable way to be able to spray easily on the affected area
  • Turn the bottle upside down and spray approximately 7-8 times on the affected area
  • After each spray it is recommended that the patient waits for 1-2 minutes in a seated position, else there are chances of staining