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ALCALACTINE® sutures are synthetic  absorbable sterile surgical   sutures  which  are  composed   of  a  copolymer made  from  90%  glycolide   and  10%  L-lactic   acid.  The braided structure of the suture is coated.  Coated suture is prepared by Calcium Stearate and Polyglycolic Acid (30%), – Lactic Acid (70%) mixture.

In  order  to  ease  of  operation,   ALCALACTINE®  sutures are coloured FDA approved D&C violet No:2 or undyed (natural,  beige).  ALCALACTINE® sutures  have  been presented  in USP  8/0 – USP  2 gauge  sizes  in a variety of  lengths  from  10  cm  to  150cm  ,  as  non-needled   or attached  to stainless  steel needles  of varying  types and throws  as  warranted  by  surgical  circumstance  and  the sizes.