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Since its founding DYNATABS®, LLC is dedicated and specializes in custom formulations of its trademarked, branded, superior “super impact” convenience aging management oral edible dietary supplements strips and skincare products. 

DYNATABS® introduced many extraordinary products improving offered products available to the market through the right combination of potent vitamins, wholesome nutrients, and good clean hydration management.

Dietary PATENTED and TRADEMARKED Supplement non-stick, non-brittle Strips has superior loading capability of active natural approved GRAS ingredients, with superior stability, compared to breath strips on the market. Ours are the ONLY oral dissolvable strip with this capability, a disruptive innovation over ALL other want to be competitors making it a better profitable product for you, the customer.

DYNATABS® oral edible supplements strips targets the health and wellness industry of the 40% of the population who cannot swallow pills which is an extremely large product demand niche worldwide.

#The Surest Way to get Stronger Sales is to Sell a Stronger Product!


DYNATABS® line features varieties of innovative products that are formulated in a variety of tropical and traditional great tasting flavors that dissolve quickly on the tongue so you do not need any water. The rapid delivery of nutritional components from a product small enough to fit in your pocket or purse offers convenient transportability of a supplement that has never been available before, maintaining nutritional compliance.

DYNATABS® perfected Oral Edible Strips increases bio-availability of nutritional herbal remedies that cannot be reproduced or achieved with common capsules or pills,and whose delivery with full efficacy can be achieved in moments by its dissolving on the tongue instantly delivering its full healthy ingredients with a blast of delightful tropical flavor directly into the blood stream, completely bypassing the diluting less absorbing digestive track working with your own body chemistry, without the choking hazzards of bulky pills and capsules or bitter taste often found from liquids:

Digestive Detox


Antacid Alternative


Green Tea


Vitamins C, B6, B12, D3, etc.







Sexual Wellness for males and females; young and old

Melatonin Sleep Support

Stress Support

Aspirin Natural Alternative

Mood Enhancement

Smoking Craves Resist

Anti-Aging Support

Beauty from Within

Menopause Support

Hangover Relief

Beer Enjoyment

and much more!

This results in:

Increased  Efficacy

Increased Safety tech

Increased Sales

Increased Portability

Great Taste

Avoidance of choking hazards

You can take these easily compact portable strips anywhere, at anytime fitting them unobtrusively in your pocket, bag. Plus added savings include that you don’t need water to take them. They work fast, because unlike with pills, the product quickly dissolves on the tongue directly to your bloodstream for faster positive results.

Realizing these benefits and lower costs, companies are switching their products from tablets to fast dissolving oral thin films (OTFs).


About Oral Thin-Film (OTF)

Films have all the advantages of tablets (precise dosage, easy administration) and those of liquid dosage forms (easy swallowing, rapid bioavailability).

Statistics have shown that four out of five patients prefer orally disintegrating dosage forms over conventional solid oral dosages forms. Children, geriatric, bedridden, emetic patients and those with Central Nervous System disorders,-seizure, and anyone looking to evolve with how we’re changing the world for those with difficulty in swallowing or chewing solid dosage forms. Many of these patients are non-compliant in administering solid dosage forms due to fear of choking. The end of choking down pills has finally arrived.

 OTFs when placed on the tip or the floor of the tongue are instantly moistened by saliva to promptly hydrate and dissolve into the bloodstream to release the ingredients for local and/or systemic absorption. This technology provides a great platform for patent non- infringing product development and for increasing the patent life-cycle of the existing products. The application of fast dissolving oral thin films is not only limited to buccal fast dissolving system, but also expands to other applications like gastro retentive, sublingual delivery systems.

Oral Thin Film (OTF) is the Future -Why?

A recent national survey revealed that over 40% of adults in the general community experience problems swallowing pills.

 strips quickly dissolve, taste great and get to work promptly.

Weight, size & convenience are perfect for consumers (easy to place in travel bags, golf bags, tennis bags, gym bags, laptop bags, purses,, etc.).

Our patented multi-layer technology has the ability to hold 400mg of active ingredient on the same size strip. That’s more than a 500% improvement over the current technology.

The OTF technology benefits healthcare providers, patients and consumers by simplifying the way supplements are taken and given.

Nominated as one of the best inventions by Time Magazine.

DYNA DOO® Convenient Hair Gel Styling Strip – ideal for travelers since allowed on board planes, parties.

SERENITY HOME SPA® Therapeutic Pre-moistened beauty repairing Conduction Facial Masks for that seductive Face minimizing pores, covers unsightly wrinkles – signs of aging without being obvious is the key combining natural minerals in a liquid hydrating foundation : Aloe Vera, Collagen, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Acne, Bionic, etc.

Anti-Acne, hydrating, shaving repair, Aloe Vera, /Make-Up Removal Conduction Wipes and much more in a unique formulation forming a second skin which is a great delivery system for the product along with a proven merchandising program that no one else was clever to devise just for you. The products serve as a barrier between the skin and elements.Antioxidants,peptides and proven ingredients work together to improve the skin’s tone and texture while protecting against free-radical damage, capitalizing on the popularity of back to basics in a tried and true format, avoiding break-out or irritation but enhances beauty, meeting multiple demands of the consumers repairing imperfections.

Expert management maintains their commitment of producing the finest convenient products using only the best clinically scientifically validated natural raw materials along with patented cutting edge technology using certified safe cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) high standards in their modern state of the art facility that is in regulatory compliance complete with an in-house quality control and microbiology labs where rigid testing inclusive of product and environmental monitoring, water quality compliance studies and full metal detection, is conducted by experts in their field during every phrase of production.  From natural, pure, raw ingredients receipt to high efficacy potency, quality safe finished products at dispatch are assured that all our products are safe and adhere  to domestic and international regulatory standards.


As a leading manufacturer, the company expands its market share globally, developing its extensive product line, enhancing and satisfying the needs of the consumers who insist on taking a more proactive role enhancing their physical health, well being and appearance.


Private label clients can select from a complete line of products, flavors, packaging, and avail themselves to our expert staff of researchers consisting of  nutritionists, chemists, pharmacists, biochemists who assist to produce high quality products specifically tailored to their needs and unique interests.


DYNATABS® products stay cost competitive without sacrificing quality making it easy to tailor one’s own offering line of premium natural wellness products enhancements that can be completely personalized to fit a company’s image.


DYNATABS® offers one-stop convenience, serving the needs of international clients assigning them to our knowledgeable multi-lingual professionals establishing personalized customer relations

managing timely order status, supply chain management, global regulatory compliance,

expertise in product formulation, industry and marketing knowledge.


Selecting the best saleable products and its formulations based on consumer market research, our dedicated experts will assist you in your decision making process seamlessly, allied to serving as your industry knowledgeable aide.


These DYNATABS®  practices have established a high level of integrity that is appreciated both by international customers and ministries of health


Certificates of Manufacture and Lab Analysis, flowcharts, cGMP, production batch records,

Material Safety Data Sheets are available to ensure superior compliance, consistency, and purity.


DYNATABS® Regulatory Affairs, Document Control and Compliance Department provide a complete set of regulatory support services, including:

Regulatory review and evaluation of consumer labels.

Review of advertising, printed materials product disclosures and other documentation to ensure regulatory compliance.

Creation of regulatory dossiers for global product registrations and renewals.

Maintenance of Site licenses and registrations.

Assistance in completing product registration in compliance to retailer industry standards.

Completion of audit questionnaires and third party Global Compliance Assessments.

Maintenance of Raw Material Reference Database in response to customer inquiries on product ingredients’ regulatory status and compliance.

Supply Chain Management

Flexible production to meet surge demands

Product Development / Product Enhancement

Custom Packaging Solutions

Major Markets:

Direct Selling Industry

International Markets

Web Based Markets

Health Practitioners

Mass Market retailers (Food-Drug- Mass-Club).

DYNATABS®, LLC has always supported in-store initiatives, such as on-trend promotions, innovative new product launches and wellness and beauty advisor training and support.


For several years, we originated and have been using social media to reach shoppers before their store visit to provide them the information they need to help guide their purchase decisions.

We partner with industry publications creating custom tutorials that are posted throughout the DYNATABS®  , LLC social platforms website, twitter, Linked, Facebook.


Since social media is the most economical and direct way to get content in front of potential customers and fans, DYNATABS® , LLC leverages a broader digital strategy by producing original content daily, curates and reposts related content from influencers, and conducts frequent giveaways and desirable promotions.


A portion of its paid media budget is allocated to measureable and memorable social ads that can quickly be duplicated for successful future campaigns around the world.

We will be glad to send you our products details - The Surest Way to get Stronger Sales is to Sell a Stronger Product!

This would be a great opportunity for both of our companies to cooperate. Please advise your interest.