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One of the most common problems in intravenous treatment is cannula and catheter obstruction. Cannula obstruction causes loss of vascular access for this reason there is a need for establish new vascular access. As this operation is an invasive procedure, the risk of complications increases as well as discomforts the patient, takes the time of the nurse and increases the cost of the treatment. Unidirectional Needle-free Connectors are manufactured as a solution to the problem of cannula blockage. 


They are effective connectors against infection and cross-contamination risks. 


  • It is suitable for use with all luer lock connectors. 
  • It is easy to clean due to its flat and smooth surface. 
  • It forms microbiological barrier for 7 days. 
  • It is easily disinfected. 
  • It prevents the risk of needle stick injury. 
  • The first filling volume is very low or the flow is not affected. 
  • It is compatible with blood products and oncology medicines. 
  • While providing needle-free IV entry, it removes the risk of needle-puncture injury. 
  • Chemical contamination risks are reduced due to the valve inhibits spillage or exposure of medicine. It forms an effective barrier for microbial contamination when wiped with an alcoholic pad. 
  • Needle-free access reduces the risk of particle contamination by preventing membrane decay and needle puncture injuries. 
  • DEHP free 
  • There are different options and models with single, double, triple, quartet connected.
  • IV Needle-free Ven Valves are developed as needle-free injection ports in IV applications. They are also used for aspiration and fluid injection when desired. Valves allow multiple uses and do not require a cover.
  • All materials are gamma-resistant and compatible with ISO 10993 standards.
  • All products are DEHP and LATEX free.
  • Valves are manufactured under GMP standards and registered by FDA.
  • Priming volume : 0.09 mL
  • Flow rate averages:
  • Flow rate @ 1 psi: 550 mL/minute (30,000/hr @ 30 inch height)
  • Flow rate @ 3 psi: 1000 mL/minute
  • Flow rate @ 5 psi: 1300 mL/minute