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Nubolo wheelchair cushion

Nubolo is a big step for anti pressure air cushions, uniting 2 of the most important properties to prevent successfully Pressure Ulcers: Movements and Customization.

MOVEMENT: The Electronic Control Unit creates pressure changes between the cushion´s different areas creating a massage effect. This continuous movement:

Increases blood flow

Activates the muscles

Nourishes the tissues

Oxygenates the cells

Oxygenates the cells

CUSTOMIZATION: The pressure and time intervals between maximum pressure and minimum pressure configuration are customized following each user´s specific needs. They can be adapted to factors such as: skin type, blood flow type, bone protuberance, muscles status, history of Pressure Ulcers etc…

The result is Nubolo, a solution that allows wheelchair users to sit for more than 10 hours straight with Nubolo Pro and even 18h with Nubolo Med, without posture changes. This is why Nubolo is ideal to improve your quality of life reducing the risks of suffering from Pressure Ulcers and opening new doors to new activities such as sports, travels or work.