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Multidiode ENDO™ laser 1470 4G
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Unique, effective endovenous laser with maximum protection for veins

INTERmedic, pioneer in endovascular surgery, brings a new generation of laser for varicose veins: Multidiode ENDO™ laser 1470 4G, the most complete, modern and functional system for minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins.
INTERmedic participated in an UE Eureka project to develop a 1500nm laser. INTERmedic was the inventor of 1470nm wavelength for endovascular use. The first trials were conducted in Madrid and Paris in 2004. The world’s first publication of the treatment of saphenous vein with this wavelength was with an INTERmedic’s platform. Since then several scientific publications have proved the safety and efficacy of this device.


  • Internal incompetent saphenous vein
  • External incompetent saphenous vein
  • Incompetent perforating veins
  • Collateral veins

Why Multidiode ENDO™ laser 1470 4G?

Multidiode ENDO™ laser 1470 4G is, at least, 5 times better absorbed by water and oxyhemoglobin than 980nm laser, allowing selective destruction of the vein, with less energy and reducing side effects. Perfect retraction and treated vein occlusion guarantees excellent long-term results. It is the ultimate user-and patient-friendly treatment alternative to classical invasive surgery for the removal of varicose veins (internal and external saphena and collateral veins) of all diameters under local anesthesia.

Multidiode ENDO™ laser 1470 4G is a unique and effective platform for endovenous treatment because:

  • Provides the most advanced and efficient technology.
  • There is a wide variety of adaptable fibers.
  • New patented bi-directional ENDOtulip™ fiber with self-centering to avoid touching the vein wall for maximum safety.
  • Allows a fast recovery of the patient, reducing length of hospitalization and downtime.
  • Minimizes the risk of side effects
  • Provides excellent results with the higher rate of occlusion
  • Includes a touch screen for friendly use
  • Many clinical studies worldwide have provided evidence of its effectiveness
  • Maximum safety in treatments to cease being hand-dependant.
  • Allows to repeat the technical with the same parameters.

ENDOtulip™ fiber: maximum vein protection

The new ENDOtulip™ fiber, patented by INTERmedic, provides safer and more efficient treatments, avoiding the risk of side effects. Its umbrella design opening at the distal end, avoids the risk of perforation to prevent any contact of the fiber tip with the vein wall. Fiber stays centered on its way for a more effective radial delivery of energy.

ENDOtulip™ fiber ensures:

  • Maximum safety and reliability
  • Minimum risk of perforation and other complications
  • Better delivery of energy
  • Efficiency
  • Constant power density treatment.
  • Bi-directional movement to help possible retreats

Also available with other configurations

INTERmedic offers its endovenous laser solutions with other configurations: Multidiode ENDO™ laser 980 and Multidiode ENDO™ laser 980 4G. Both platforms use 980nm laser, a classic in the endovascular treatment of varicose veins, guaranteed by numerous references worldwide. Exclusive fiber with 15 and 30W of output power allows both luminal and percutaneous treatments.

Maximum safety

The external power meter ensures the correct application of energy at any time.

Low weight and numerous useful accessories

Multidiode ENDO™ laser 980 and Multidiode ENDO™ laser 980 4G are small size portable laser systems. Furthermore it has a wide range of optical fibers to choose from.