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Multi Purpose Power Supply - Pure Sine Wave

  • Comfort Cough Series & Humidifier
  • 1. Comfort Cough

    • Comfort Cough (Mechanical In-Exsufflator) is a cough simulating device that helps patients to clear the retained bronchopulmonary secretions

    2. Comfort Cough 2.0

    • Comfort Cough 2.0 (Mechanical In-Exsufflator) is the most updated MI-E. Innovative features maximize its efficiency to clear secretions.

    3. MPS200PS ( Multi Purpose Power Supply - Pure Sine Wave )

    • MPS200PS (Multipurpose Power Supply, 200Watt, Pure Sine Wave) keeps your electronics running smoothly in any environment. Increase stability with Pure Sine Wave. Even it is portable (5kg).

    4. SH-2 (Humidifier)

    • SH-2 (Heated Humidifier) is handy for everyone with simple user-interface and Quick Release. It is safe and durable with anodized heater plate.


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