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Since 1991, our focus at US Endoscopy has remained constant, as we have a deep-rooted commitment to developing new product solutions to improve patient care. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Bleed Management and Irrigation, CO2 Insufflation, Electrosurgery, Endoscope Reprocessing, Enteroscopy and Capsule Delivery, ERCP EUS, Foreign Body Management, GI Procedure Products, Polypectomy and Tissue Acquisition, Roth Net Retrieval Devices, Urology DevicesEnables surgeons to differentiate between healthy and involved tissue for greater breast conservation. Provides clear images of targeted lesions through obstructions like dense tissue or skin. Creates true 3D images of breast specimens in 1mm slices in a single operation.The XPERT 40 System doesn’t just give you the highest quality specimen X‑rays. Its integrated HD camera automatically creates optical images enabling you to more accurately orient your specimen, every time, right there in the OR. Provides 2.3 times the magnification for increased visibility to detect the smallest abnormalitiesmedisun® 6311 ISO sets a new high-end standard for the treatment of all UV sensitive skin diseases. The horizontal arrangement of the UVB-311 nm lamps in connection with the individual computer control of individual groups of lamps allows for a dosage accuracy, safety and high operating comfort which have not existed up till now. This highly accurate dosage procedure is called Isodosagemedisun HF-216 offers great advantages for the optimal and time effective UV treatment of hands and feet. Hands and feet can be treated simultaneously with two or four modules. The movable tripod dolly fixes individual modules in ergonomic arrangement.   Control is carried out exclusively by a micro controller with input in joules and automatic conversion into exposure time. Control is specifically attainable at the top of the tripod dolly. Simple and effective therapy with medisun Psori-Kamm.  The light UV-Comb rests ergonomically in the hand and convinces through a high UV intensity. The appliance can also be used for partial exposure of smaller areas without the comb rows. The transparent acryl cover protects the user from UV scattered radiation. Short exposure times enable a time-effective use.
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Endoscopy, TomoSynthesis & Dermatology Products

Atlas Medical LLC was founded in 1975 in the UAE. Our philosophy is to ensure that the best solutions are available for the Healthcare sector in the UAE and this is achieved by importing and distributing state-of-the-art medical equipment, medical device. We focus on advocating, educating and training on the medical technology for the healthcare community. Our goal is to advance health outcomes for patients in the UAE by ensuring access to proven, safe technology and new and innovative medical technology. 

As an ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, we are fully committed to total customer satisfaction. We respond to our customers’ needs in a manner that meets their requirements and deliver the products and services on time. Positive feedback from our customers throughout the UAE plays an important role in our continuation to improve every day; from our Quality Management System to the skill levels of our team. 

Our partners in Surgery and Consumables include:

  • US Endoscopy
  • Teleflex
  • Hudson

​The Specimen TomoSynthesis solutions are from M/s. Kubtec Medical Imaging USA and the dermatology solutions are from M/s. Schulze & Böhm GmbH, Germany, who manufactures the world renowned brand Medisun.