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edGate mobil station is a system which can file endoscopy process by recording image and video capturing into archives.

Image and video recordings are captured with foot pedal or handle buttons of endoscope during endoscopic process. The report with image of endoscopic process can be printed out in A4 format.

This system can recognize staff and device with RFID. The IDs of pre-determined staff and devices are filed by sending to medGate server on network into archives.

It records endoscopic images as images and videos.

It can regenerate video or image from videos with video editor.

There is a voice warning when capturing image and videos.

There is a visual warning with LED when capturing image and videos.

It files demographic information of patients into archives.

It can print out endoscopic results, endoscopic images and demographic information of patients in report with image format.

It enables writing and marking on images with picture editor.

It can work compatibly with a converter connected through RS232. (medGate converter MG5010)

It can be compatible connected to more than one device with multiplexer connected through RS232. (medGate multiplexer MG5014)

It has the feature of watching video recordings frame by frame and recording images from each frame. The system can transfer images, reports and videos belonging to patients to DVD-Writer.

The images can be recorded in BMP, JPG, or TIFF etc. format.

The videos can be recorded in AVI or MPEG format.

It receives video signal through Composit, BNC , S-Video or HDMI input.

The report of the patient can be viewed in preview and this report can be recorded as BMP, JPG or PDF.

Different filtering can be performed for any device that can be connected to the system. (endoMask)

It can perform different mask adjustments for each device. (endoMask)

It can equilize different sized images from different devices. (endoMask)

The foot pedal connetion can be traced with led.

The foot pedal has got RJ-45 port.

The unit receiving image from endoscope processor can view endoscopic image in full screen.

It can be integrated into hospital automation system.

The recorded images can be transferred with copy-paste method.

Voice recordings can be annexed over recorded images.

The print option with picture and/or without picture can be controlled with one button.

To capture images, the endoscope handle button can be connected to BNC port.