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Laminar flow booths
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Laminar flow booths

Laminar flow booths are protecting the item of work from possible contamination. Laminar flow booths are used in large workspaces and are integral part of every laboratory and modern medicament production facility.

Klimaoprema Cleanroom Solutions produces laminar flow hoods and booths, microbiological safety cabinets, weighing/containment booths and many special devices that are designed in accordance with EU GMP standards and customer gains a reputation of a medicament manufacturer to the highest quality standards. We design the entire cleanroom production facilities. Validations confirm that the equipment is functioning properly, in accordance with regulations, proper application and in compliance with customer needs.

Infectious particles, bacteria and viruses, unicellular and multicellular organisms are hazardous substances with which one can work only in laminar flow protection devices. Laminar air flow is clean, uniform flow of fluids (liquids and gases) in parallel layers, without interference between them and without turbulence.