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Humadent® - Ozone-/oxygen therapy device for dentistry
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Humadent® - Ozone-/oxygen therapy device for dentistry

Humadent®-Unit - Ozone-/oxygen therapy device for dentistry and dental applications

Humadent® - Ozone-/oxygen therapy device for dentistry

• Convenient foot-operated switch for ozone dispensing, which allows medical staff to keep their hands free
• Suitable handpiece for all Luer hollow needles
• Automatic cleaning and functional check when activated
• Digital display of ozone concentration
• Thermal ozone catalyser that safely turns ozone into oxygen again
• Early detection of insufficient oxygen supply
• 2-year device warranty
• 10-year warranty on ozone tubes

• Anug
• Aphtha
• Extraction wounds
• Fistulas and fistula tracts
• Gingivitis
• Herpes
• Infection protection
• Injections into the line of reflection
• Intraosseous infiltrations
• Implantology
• Caries
• Cavity gassing
• Coagulopathy
• Crown stumps
• Mycosis
• Neuralgia
• Ozonised water
• Periodontitis
• Peri-implantitis
• Interference field therapy
• Stomatitis
• Wound areas (intra/postoperative)
• Root canal treatments
• Wound disinfection
• Tooth whitening