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Gloreha Sinfonia
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Gloreha Sinfonia

Gloreha Sinfonia is a robotic device for upper limb rehabilitation. It is ideal for all the neuromotor recovery phases.

The key centre of Gloreha Sinfonia is a rehabilitation glove which supports fingers joints motion, while detecting voluntary active motion. Each motor exercise is enriched by a multisensory stimulation and a simultaneous 3D animation on the screen to amplifiy the cortical stimulation.

Gloreha robotic glove detects fingers movements and, according to  residual motor skills, partially/totally supports patient.

A patient can use his/her healthy hand to reply similar movements on the affected hand through Gloreha robotic glove.

Gloreha Sinfonia is a fantastic means to start functional recovery, because patient’s arm has no hindrance and can be moved freely; monolateral and bilateral task-oriented exercises are available; real objects can be used during therapy. Within Gloreha software, several settings are available. For instance: video previews, customizable vocal instructions, monitoring performance improvements, interactive games.

  • MOBILIZATION OF THE FINGERS JOINTS  -  According to necessity, motion can be triggered by the robotic glove (passive mobilization), or by the patients themselves (active games). The device will support patients’ effort, intervening only when necessary (active-assisted mobilization);
  • 3D ANIMATION  - Every motor exercise is accompanied with a 3D simulation to trigger neuroplasticity. Patients are totally involved;
  • BILATERAL TRAINING - The Gloreha Sensor Glove detects healthy hand flexion and extension and Gloreha Robotic Glove replies the same movement on the affected hand. Even a hemiplegic patient with total motor deficit can become an active player during treatment;
  • ACTION OBSERVATION THERAPY - Based on scientific evidence, the observation of an active action stimulates the same cortical brain areas committed to motor functions. Each exercise can be set on the following two steps: observation and execution;
  • INTERACTIVE GAMES - Fingers can be trained to sharpen movements. Gloreha software records every performance of each therapy session, showing intuitive charts to check improvements. Performance indicators give immediate results on every performance;
  • INTERACTION WITH REAL OBJECTS - Every rehabilitation process is focused on relearning the Activities of Daily Living. Gloreha Sinfonia helps patients with grasping, reaching, and picking exercises using real objects.  An integrated dynamic arm support relieves the upper limb weight, helping patients during functional exercises.  Patients’arms can completely move and float freely.