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Model No : AUFU 101

Type : Fumigator

Specification :

It acts as Disinfector, Humidifier, Clematises, Insect Repellant Sprayer and Atomiser in the Hospital

Fumigator Concentration is as below 

For routine disinfection, 30ml of formaline of 40% concentration with 90ml of pure water is 1000 Cu ft Area.

For Intensive disinfection, 90ml of formaline of 40% concentration with 90ml of pure water is sufficient for 1000 Cu ft Area.

Formalin : Dettol, Savlon, Servocide, Phenol can be safely used in a multipur way

Fumigator can be used in Hospitals and Industries 

Hospitals : Opeations theatres, Post opera-tive area, Patient Wards. Mater-nity Nursing Homes, Sanatorium Mortuary, Pathalogical & Micro-Biological Laboratories, Mobile Family Planning Centres & Isolat-ed Areas.

Industries : Pharmaceuticals Plants Vaccine Manufacturing Plants, Food & Meat Processing Plants, Cold Storage Units, Hotels Club, Offices, Record-Rooms, etc.

Livestock : Hatcheries, Egg Storage Rooms, Poultry Houses, Egg Fumigation, Small Animal Houses, Sericulure, Canine Houses, Zoological/Bota-nical Parks, Veterinary Laborato-ries, Veterinary Hospitals.       The Power is 220 Volt, 50 Hz, 160 Watts

The Output is 1.5 to 5 Lts/hr.

The Speed of Motor is 2.960 rpm

The Height of Fumigator is 425mm

The Diameter of Fumigator is 450mm.

Model No       Capacity (Ltr)

AUFU 101               1.5 Ltr

AUFU 102                3 Ltr

AUFU 103                5 Ltr

AUFU 104               6.5 Ltr