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Fetal monitoring network system JPD-300K
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Fetal monitoring network system JPD-300K


  • The monitor quantity: support 1-32 devices, can be extended by increasing the number of central monitor monitor.
  • Interface: central monitoring interface of each screen of 8 beds, intuitive display, click abed can be full screen display, supports 1 bed, 2 bed, 4 bed, 8 bed multi interface switch.
  • Information retrieval with input: pregnant women information and shifting function, simplify the input operation.
  • Alarm processing: rich alarm limit set, text alarm, support alarm classification.
  • Running time: with industrial computer, support 24 hours uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Automatic scoring: with fetal monitoring analysis system, can be analyzed and printing onany piece of data the current monitoring data and monitoring records. The results of the analysis can be used is shown in the chart can display marked on a map, professional algorithm more accurately calculate fetal movement, uterine contraction, various plus,reducer and other indicators, and clearly marked on the map, make the result moreaccurate analysis.
  • Grading: support for automatic, manual grading, support Krebs, Fischer score standard.
  • File management: monitoring recording and convenient query, can be on the patient name, hospital, outpatient arbitrary query, playback and printing output.
  • Network support: wired and wireless networking support, wired and wireless hybridnetwork; also support the RS485 network.
  • Data backup and restore: support for data backup and restore functionality.
  • Storage capacity: 1000000 backup monitoring record store.
  • Printing paper specifications: support the low cost of A4 paper.
  • Print: print with fetal monitoring curve from excerpts, scoring function.
  • Monitoring report: fetal monitoring report to support the European standard, American Standard format.