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Ezer – Manual Refractor – ERF-5200 –
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Ezer – Manual Refractor – ERF-5200

Ezer – Manual Refractor – ERF-5200 The Ezer ERF-5200 Manual Refractor Phoropter delivers precise refractive error measurements due to its superb optical system. With Ezer’s ERF-5200 Manual Refractor, you can efficiently and confidently perform all of the functions necessary in a manual refraction. Featuring an attractive design and incredibly wide range of powers, the ERF-5200 allows you to precisely refract and perform vision testing on virtually any patient. An even greater testing range is made possible with the use of auxiliary lenses. An easy-to-use convergence system that allows you to switch between distance and near with one simple flip of a lever is just one of many examples of how smartly designed the ERF-5200 is. The unit can even be customized with a wide range of auxiliary lens options—all of which are coated in high-grade plated film, eliminating any glare or ghost images. You truly can’t go wrong with the ERF-5200.