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Shalya Penta
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Advance Electrosurgery Unit - Shalya Penta

 Combo Electrosurgical Generators with following features:

COMBO Generator Technology: Vessel Sealing System, Saline Plasma Bipolar

Resection, High Performance ESU (Diathermy) in Single Unit.

TWO Sealing Output.

TWO Monopolar output with independent control & power settings.

TWO Bipolar modes: Bipolar Cut & Coag

One Touch : Touch screen 7” TFT panel operation for flexible use

Internet Enabled : Remote programmable / calibration

Data Logging : Last 50 surgical cases data stored in system memory

Self Demonstration Mode : System gives self demonstration and settings for users

User Programmable : 100 user settable programs with case names helps in setting the system

Recall Function : Automatic last status resume

Auto Mode : Auto mono & bipolar mode for without foot / hand activation

Dual Mono Mode : Independent power and mode setting for two Monopolar channel

2SiCoag : Two Simultaneous coagulation output at a time with independent control.

Dual Vessel Sealing : Two Channel Vessel Sealing up to 7mm with reusable Open & Lapro attachments.

Saline Resection : Bipolar Saline Plasma Cut & Coag Mode with reusable working element & loops.

Bipolar Cut & Coag : Bipolar Cut & Coag Mode with independent settings and activation.

BiCoag Alarm : Audio feedback after completion of Bipolar Coag, reduces charring and sticking.

2 Endo Mode : Tissue feedback Pulse Interval controlled Pulse Cut for Polypectomy & Papillotomy.

Argon Beam Coagulator up-gradable : ESU can be upgraded for Argon Beam Coagulation module.

6SENSE Technology : Maintain set power over wider range of tissue by Tissue Feedback Technology.

PREM : Patient Return Electrode Monitoring - Safety against the Patient Return Electrode site burns.

Self Diagnosis : Ensure the ESU with accessories are safe for functioning & display Error Codes if any.

Auto BIP mode : Auto start and stop of Bipolar activation.