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An electric hospital bed CURA 5000 column motors construction powered by 4 motors with the option of fifth motors provides patient safety , bacteriological protection and patient comfort during a hospital stay, in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Unique modern designed CURA 5000 is a high quality medical bed , manufactured with the use of modern technologies and protected with several patend. It is equipped with many sophisticated functions, including smart properties makes patient care easier and provides care to a higher level. Meet with the CURA 5000 improve your patients comfort, safety and satisfaction. You may choose the correct bed for each care and medical application, patient conditions and budget.


Height Adjustment Motors

Lateral Tilt Motors

TR/ATR Tilt Adjustment Motors

Backrest Adjustment Motor

Thighrest Adjustment Motor

Calfrest Mechanical Ratchet


Its powered with two liner actuators and two Lifting Columns which are hi-tech electrical devices able to convert rotational motion in low voltage DC motors into linear push/pull movements. CURA 5000 is an electric bed for Intensive care units, with a mattress platform in 4 jointed sections and height adjustment performed by high load capacity telescopic columns.


As an option CURA 5000 adapted with 5th motors for lateral movenets to the left and right side of the bed and it is a fully adjustable electric bed with a lateral tilt assisting staff with turning the patient. CURA 5000 bed with lateral tilts option assists with turning the patient with the help of just one nurse and with minimal physical effort healthcare staff. This is the succied way patient increases of their safety.


The 90 cm x 200 cm mattress platform of the CURA 5000 bed has been adapted to aim the highest level of comfort for the patient. The mattress platform is made of ABS plastic parts and therefore is easy to clean, disinfect and detach. Optionally offered ergonomic design double layer 7 sections platfom specifically designed ventilation channels allow air to circulate under the mattress and reduce moisture. The mattress platform 7 sections made up recyclable and sanitizable material which is PP and silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) compounds. 7 sections are washable easy to be removed and cleaned, with round edges and integrated mattress stoppers without sharp edges.


X-Ray casset aplication ready on back rest addapted to be use on bed construction. The lung X-Rays can be taken without any need for the physical handling of the patient. Optionally offerable translucent backrest part to allow directly insert an X-Ray cassette if needed and ABS plastic cassette holder will be applyable.


Electric hospital bed cura series side rails specially and ergonomic designed with integrated urine bag holder with angle adjustment of the positions. The bed hosts of fold-down 4 section safety sides made up an Antimicrobial material as the mixture of PP and nanoparticles (Ag NPs) compounds. The appropriate designe increases patient mobilization and reduce the efforts of sanitarians for easy cleaning and disinfection. The design of the sections specially design for extra safety to prevent fall risk greatly attain 42 cm height above the mattress platform and a total lateral containment surface for the patient, in compliance with the standard for hospital beds CE EN 60601-2-52. Side rails have a lateral space consumption of 4 cm, use less space and can be effortlessly lowered with one hand.


The controls integrated on the sides, both internal and external, are easily accessible by patients and operators. User-friendly pendant controls accommodate a variety of caregiver needs and encourage patient autonomy.


All controls are ergonomically positioned and identified by immediately intuitive icons both for the medical staff and the patient. The CURA 5000 bed has been adapted with different applications of control pendants also integarted on side panels.


The integrated 5th castor minimises staff assistance , gives opportunity of higher maneuverability in moving the bed even on narrow corners. The 5th castor are increase the maximum safety and convenience during the patient transport. Positioned at the bed’s centre of gravity, it reduces the floor surface required when turning the bed.


The bed automatically stoped and indicated with light on control panels when moving to the lowest position. The height lamp on the remote is in red. When the bed is in the lowest position, the lamp turns green to reduce the risk of falling.


The CURA Bed with smart scaling system is a bed for dialysis, resuscitation, intensive care and for large burn or polytrauma centers. Bed with inetgrated weight scale system.
Digital controlled system specillay developed for Schröder Beds. Electronic weight display via 4-digit red 4-segment display of 20 mm visible in every direction, it also includes 4 indicator LEDs to indicate the status of the viewer. Built into the side guard of the feet, the digital scale allows the following weighing functions to be performed:

Instant Reading

Tare and Auto-Tare

Zero and Auto-Zero

Weighing System with Add / Remove Weight Functions

Adding Manually Weight

Lb/kg Indication

Two Set Weight Alarm Over or Less (Bed Exist)

Specially designed smart weighing system has ability to the weighting of patients with high precision, independently of the position of the bed mattress platform. There are 4 sensors located at all 4 corners of the bed esseblied on monolithic frame (Class C3). With this solution permits the load better distributed and the reading level more accurate. The smart scaling system allows for simple and intuitive monitoring and recording manually of patient weighings. There are two types of alarm possible to set up While the weight of the patient is monitored . Or ability of “bed exit” alarm. The smart weighting scale system indicates the actual weight of the patient, the changes in time and contain a system for the addition or removal of accessories.