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Electroencephalograph-analyzer EEGA-21/26 "Encephalan-131-03"
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Electroencephalograph-analyzer EEGA-21/26 "Encephalan-131-03"

19 or 21-channel (up to 64 digital derivations) electroencephalographs-analyzers EEGA-21/26 "Encephalan-131-03" are an effective and reliable tool for classic electroencephalography at stationary use.

• Multichannel computerized complexes with mapping for electroencephalography, REG and evoked potentials study:

modification 08: 19 EEG channels + 6 REG channels + 1 polygraphic channel (ECG);
modification 10: 21 EEG channels + 6 REG channels + 4 polygraphic channels + 1 additional channel.

• Multichannel computerized complexe with mapping for electroencephalography and evoked potentials study:

modification 11: 21 EEG channels + 4 polygraphic channels +1 additional channel.

A unique option of synchronized EEG and REG study (modifications 08 and 10) provides new diagnostic information about the relationship of brain activity and cerebral blood flow for considering vascular factor in epilepsy, for diagnostics of syncopal states and cerebrovascular disorders at hyperventilation functional tests, and also reduces the total study time.

Phono-, photostimulation and chess pattern stimulation for EP studies during EEG studies. Patient button unit for cognitive EP study (MMN, CNV, P300).

"Optimal", "professional" and "elite" software suits provide a wide range of functionality for EEG analysis for any application. Optional software extends the functionality of electroencephalograph.