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Electroencephalograph–recorder "Encephalan–EEGR–19/26". Modification "Mini"
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Electroencephalograph–recorder "Encephalan–EEGR–19/26". Modification "Mini"

Four options for using the basic device – autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-10 – with a large number of various wireless modules and sensors expand the field of application:

• Low-channel portable electroencephalograph-recorder

Records EEG by 9 derivations in telemetric or autonomous (EEG-Holter) mode and is applied for:

  • differential diagnosis of epilepsy (applied with software "Encephalan-Video") mainly in children and infants;
  • continuous EEG monitoring in emergency rooms and intensive care units with the help of software "Encephalan-NM" and software "Encephalan-CFM", including the pronouncement of brain death;
  • psychophysiological research;
  • neuromarketing research.

• Biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment

10 polygraphic channels in a patient transceiver-recorder and a large set of sensors allow creating a variety of options for multiparameter record for biofeedback training.

EEG record by 9 derivations provides an optimal amount of data for neurofeedback procedures.

Effectively used in occupational medicine for rehabilitation, educational technologies, scientific research and for special training.

• Multifunctional multichannel polygraphic system

A unique option of combination of two or three patient transceivers-recorders ABP-10 with additional modules and sensors allows creating multifunctional polygraphic systems with synchronous recording of more than 30 different signals.

• Mobile multifunctional systems for sports medicine

Record of physiological parameters in apparently healthy people is applied as a multifunctional monitoring in sports medicine and studies of operator performance.

Portable and autonomous equipment (data transmission via the telemetric channel or recording onto a memory card) allows conducting research under different conditions – from a stationary scientific laboratory to field conditions (for example, training at the main sport ground or in training camps).