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Tecnimed srl - Ecosave
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Ecosave is an electronic stimulator that can emit discharges of 10 microseconds long. The device releases an impulse, whose effect is similar to the effect of a static shock (electrostatic discharge), that is able to reduce the pain caused by venomous bites or stings. This instrument is a modern and revolutionary emergency mean, that can be used before any other assistance given by a doctor or at the hospital, and it acts effectively against snakes venomous bites, insects venomous stings (bees, wasps, bumble-bees, etc.), arachnidan (scorpions, spiders etc.) and marine animals (greater weevers, jellyfishes, urticant coral). Ecosave can be part of the first aid medical equipment that every hiker, naturalist, forestal or ecological operator, agriculturalist, apiculturist and every other person in charge of the hunting and fishing supervision can carry with the minimum encumbrance. In particular, the hunters will fully appreciate its multiple performances: its use can also be extended to their dogs in case of viper’s bites, that not rarely lead to the death of the affected animal.