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Identification of medical instruments and components

For instrument management, reliable process control plays a key part in the treatment and reliable supply of the OR with complete and correctly assembled sets. This presents a major organisational challenge for the personnel in central sterilization departments. The wide range of parts and the full traceability of the correct reprocessing require a meticulous approach. The key to full documentation is the unambiguous identification of the instruments as it enables inventories and management of the many different types.

Each instrument receives a unique number, enabling it to be “tracked”. Clear identification allows the traceability of each item through the whole process chain, the reliable allocation of process data and the individual instrument and facilitates the indication of lifetime and frequency of repairs. It is the perfect preparation of inventories and management of the many different types.

Endurance testing

During the cleaning process, instruments are exposed to harsh conditions. The intensity of the cleaning agents and the frequent repetition of the processes place maximum demands on the durability of the identification. Sterile processing consists of several cleaning and disinfection stages which include acid and alkaline baths and ultrasound as well as exposure to temperatures of 134 °C and high pressure variations during sterilization.

Structobond® - Labels

Structobond® has been especially developed for these difficult conditions. The sealed surface - formed by fusing the top and base coats - provides long- lasting readability and durability. Structobond® labels cannot be removed and are permanently attached to the supporting material. Easy handling and permanent readability offer clear advantages over traditional methods such as mechanical or laser engraving.