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PulmoVista® 500
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Dräger PulmoVista® 500 - Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)

PulmoVista® 500 - Making ventilation visible.


The challenge of achieving lung protective ventilation

Although respiratory care has come a long way over the years, complications attributed to inappropriate settings of mechanical ventilation continue to have an adverse impact on patient outcome. Today lung protective ventilation strategies largely rely on physiological parameters which only reflect global lung function. The well known complications of atelectasis and overdistension call for insight into the distribution of ventilation in the ventral and dorsal regions of the lung so that measures can be taken to individually tailor ventilator settings 1), 2), 3). CT and chest x-rays provide regionally specific information but only as a snapshot in time. Determining how different lung regions respond to therapeutic interventions over time is challenging without continuous regional information.


PulmoVista® 500 offers:

– Continuous information about regional distribution of ventilation, displayed as images, waveforms and parameters

– Trend display of regional distribution of ventilation

– Trend display of changes in end-expiratory lung volume



PulmoVista 500 is an Electrical Impedance Tomograph which has been specially designed for use in clinical routine. Data is continuously displayed in the form of images, waveforms and parameters. Simply put, PulmoVista 500 lets you visualize the distribution of ventilation.