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Model No : PPHB 301

Type : Digital Hemoglobinometer

Specification : 

Hb Reader is designed on “Cyanmethaemoglobin method”. 

The cumbersome step of calculation is deleted while using this Hb Reader. 

The final result of the unknown test will be displayed directly (gm/dl). 

There is no need of calculations. 

O.D. Switch is also given in case of optical density is required to cross check the reading. 

A micro controller has been incorporated in the system for accuracy & reproducibility of findings. 

Hb Reader is a compact, elegant, very reliable micro controller based equipment to produce accurate results. 

Hb reader has been designed to operate in the following two modes.

STD.  MODE  (Concentration of 15 gm/dl has been fed)

NON STD. MODE    (Absorbance of  0.30  (O.D.)  has  been  fed)

In case, the CONC. or ABS. of STD are different from 15 gm/dl or 0.30 respectively, the user can feed the required values with the help of switch no.3 & 4 given on the KEYPAD on front panel)

Technical Specifications

Wavelength filter : - 546  ±  10nm glass filter

Minimum volume : - 1 ml

Display : - 2  1/2  digits seven segment display for Conc./ABS. measurement                                                   

Indicator  : - 5 mm LED indicators provided for different modes

Light Source   : - 6 V, 10 W, Tungsten Lamp

Director  : Silicon photo diode

Input supply  : - Mains : 220 ±10%, 50Hz, 1∅ 

                            Battery : 12 V DC

Dimensions       :  12” x 11.5” x 6.25”

Test Tubes       :  Square 10x10 mm (Plastic)

Model No :-