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CPAP,AutoCPAP,BiPAP Silvery series
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CPAP,AutoCPAP,BiPAP Silvery series

1. Auto-adjusting pressure for personalized treatment during sleep

2. Auto Leak Compensation: users' movement or the wrong way to wear mask may cause airflow leak during sleep.

The pressure will reduce because of airflow leak. This device can auto-detect leak, and make compensation to ensure the pressure.

3. Auto-Altitude compensation: the pressure can be adjusted according to altitude to ensure the pressure of the apap

4.alarm for cut down the power: the device will give out alarm when the power cut down, it can exclude any danger.

5.overheating protection: humidifier will auto-off when overheating

6.independent airflow channel: the electronics and airflow have their own different channel. It can exclude the smoking which caused by electronics broken

7.huge display, 3.5" TFT Screen, show airflow and pressure on screen of the cpap

8.parameters lock: all the parameters can't be changed after setting

9.USB port for data communication

10.within EPWORTH questionnaire

11.use reports: better month use report

12. more than 10 hours real time data and more than 1year used records can be saved of the bpap

13.compact footprint including humidifier

14.combined smart technologies of the CPAP

15.the auto-cpap has contemporary and stylish design for bedroom appeal