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ChitoClot Gauze
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ChitoClot Gauze

Z-folded, 100% medical-grade chitosan gauze for severe bleeding control.

AnsCare ChitoClot Gauze is composed of 100% chitosan non-woven. The hemostatic performance is extremely effective comparing to other commercial products impregnated or coated with hemostatic agents. ChitoClot Gauze can maintain their structural integrity even after blood absorption, which is designed specifically for the battlefield and emergency medical professionals to quickly control severe hemorrhage. ChitoClot Gauze also provides a wet-surrounding for wound care purpose.


100% Chitosan non-woven

Excellent effect on rapid hemorrhage control (External Use Only)

High absorption rate, more than 14 times

Provide a wet-surrounding for wound care

Flexible and conformable to tissue surfaces

Excellent biocompatibility


Easy to remove

Simple application, easy to administer with current protocol

Good structural integrity

Blood Coagulation Mechanism of Chitosan

With chitosan cation (-NH3+), our product can actively accelerate blood coagulation by attracting negatively-charged platelets to form a loose clot. When platelets aggregate, they activate coagulation molecules (thrombin, serotonin, ADP, TxA2) that accelerate the aggregation of fibrin and red blood cells to form a coherent blood clot in plugging the injured blood vessel.

Z-fold Design

AnsCare ChitoClot Gauze is very easy to apply since the gauze is in a z-fold format, which makes packing wounds easier and speeds up application time. It is flexible and pliable to all wounds.