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Burette set 150ml

IV Burette set 150ml 

IV Burette Set very useful for very small patients for accurate dosing.


Product features:   

1) Clear, cylindrical and calibrated measured volume chamber with bold graduation.

2) Various tube length options such as150cm, 180cm, 200cm, etc.

3) Burette available volume: 100ml / 150ml

4) EO Steriled, non-toxic, DEHP free tube 3.0*4.0mm  


Burette set 150ml Configuration: 

1) Vented spike

2) Roller clamp

3) Burette chamber

4) Tube 3.0╳4.0 mm PVC DEHP free

5) Roller clamp

6) Y injection site

7) Male luer lock



pump use; contrast media; IBP transducer


DEHP Free; PVC Free


with needle free; with flow regulator; with pump tubing; with air flow stop; with prime stop; with air vent; with back check valve; with hanger; with 60 drop/ml


Sterile infusion set with graduated chamber (burette) for slow intravenous administration of a precise volume of infusion or injectable drug, over a given time. This system limits the risk for hypervolemia (an excessive volume of infusion being given to a patient).