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BJI-1P Protable X-ray Fluoroscopy Instrument – Shanghai Bojin Medical Instrument
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BJI-1P Protable X-ray Fluoroscopy Instrument

It's a necessary tool for the surgeon, no matter where the surgeon are, both in the hospital and go one's rounds, or emergency treatment, wardround, repeat examination during operation, thanks to the small volume and light weight, makes workingwith easy-to -use control. It also play an important assistant role and providegreat efficiency in fracture application: fusion, fixing, thread a needle,pick out foreign objective, especially install intramedullary nai and fix supporting equipment. 2.X-ray inspection for infant; Check the women's birth control ring. The wounded treatment in sporting field, construction site, ocean-going vessel,remote area and army training locale. 3.Widely used in scientific research, experiment, engineering, educational and scientific equipment. 4.Veterinary use. 5.Safety inspection in airport; post inspection. 6.lndustrial crack detection. 7.Other field.