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The big benefits of edible strips

The big benefits of edible strips



The design of thin film, often referred to as PharmFilm, as an oral drug delivery technology offers several advantages over other modes of drug delivery, such as ingestible tablets, chewable tablets, orally dissolving tablets, softgels, liquids or inhalants.

The sublingual (under the tongue) and buccal (cheek) delivery of a drug via thin film has the potential to improve the onset of action, lower the dosage, and enhance the efficacy and safety profile of the medicament. All tablet dosage forms, softgels and liquid formulations primarily enter the blood stream through the gastrointestinal tract, which subjects the drug to degradation from stomach acid, bile, digestive enzymes and other first-pass effects. As a result, such formulations often require higher doses and generally have a delayed onset of action.

Conversely, buccal and sublingual thin-film drug delivery can avoid these issues and yield quicker onsets of action at lower doses. 

Other advantages of oral thin film include:

  • More stable, durable and quicker dissolving than other conventional dosage forms.
  • Enables improved dosing accuracy relative to liquid formulations since every strip is manufactured to contain a precise amount of the drug.
  • Thin film not only ensures more accurate administration of drugs but can also improve compliance due to the intuitive nature of the dosage form and its inherent ease of administration. These properties are especially beneficial for pediatric, geriatric and neurodegenerative disease patients where proper and complete dosing can be difficult.
  • Ability to dissolve rapidly without the need for water provides an alternative to patients with swallowing disorders and to patients suffering from nausea, such as those patients receiving chemotherapy.
  • Thin film drug delivery has the potential to allow the development of sensitive drug targets that otherwise may not be possible in tablet or liquid formulations.

From a commercial perspective, thin film drug delivery technology offers an opportunity to extend revenue lifecycles for pharmaceutical companies whose drug patent is expiring and will soon be vulnerable to generic competition.

Sublingual film delivers a convenient, quick-dissolving therapeutic dose contained within an abuse-deterrent film matrix that cannot be crushed or injected by patients, and rapidly absorbs under the tongue to ensure compliance.    

DYNATABS® LLC. perfected oral edible strips increases bioavailability of nutritional herbal remedies that cannot be reproduced or achieved with common capsules or pills.

What makes us Different but BETTER benefiting “you” ?   

Ideally, our products evolve from the ongoing study into the expressed needs of the consumers’ base seeking natural functional rejuvenation products for their flawless appearance image.


As a leading recognized AMERICAN manufacturer, our company is responding with our resolutions to this growing public of global end-users who maintain a more proactive role in optimizing their physical well-being and flawless appearance with the assistance of our valued extensive convenient efficacious product lines solutions.


Human aging effects often reflect in unflattering changes to the appearance: weight gain, out of shape unsightly physique, sagging skin, dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles, increased areas of dryness and thinning hair. Whereas in the past, predominantly women over the age of 40 were striving to reverse the clock, now aging concerns begin at the age of 18 and include men. The emphasis to delay the aging process of people living longer has propelled the demand for those natural personal-care products designed for this rejuvenation preserving purpose. 

Fully, over one-third of the population will be age 50 or older thereby presenting abundant opportunities for alert businesses in every sector to address this influential and affluent audience with our functional multi-tasking products of value to them.


In addition to our premium product quality, DYNATABS® recognizes the fact that ease of application and speed are large inducements towards the choice of our beauty and wellness aids.  With a public who works longer, travels often and juggles many tasks simultaneously, we can help them by reducing the time and effort expended to stay

vibrant and youthful at a reasonable price with our versatile multi-functional products.


This category is already in the Trillions of Dollars segment and steadily growing all over the world.


The following represents our current successful lines of products available for your particular needs and can be customized in terms of content and packaging.


DYNATABS® Oral Edible Supplemental Strips target the 40% of the population who have difficulty swallowing pills.

We have addressed this shortcoming by our many product specific perfected proprietary formulations of natural vital nutrients into our oral edible dissolvable strips utilizing our advanced safe delivery system

with full efficacy of bio-availability of its natural nutritional and herbal wellness ingredients


Within moments of dissolving on the tongue, the nutrients enter the blood stream and flow directly

throughout the whole body, without the six hour delay because of the diluting less absorbing digestive tract and

without the need of water. 


No calories, no sugar, no carbs! 


No longer must the public depend on bitter-tasting liquids, or the less effective capsules, gels, pills, and gummies

which can be choking hazards for children to seniors or anyone at any age!


To-date, we offer many natural vitamins, minerals and other product specific efficacious supplement strips in  

appealing variety of exotic tropical great tasting flavors and packaging suitable for all ages, genders and tastes.


There has been an increasing demand for AMERICAN “natural” solutions in response to the publicized

concern of side effects of many prescription drugs. As the baby boomers’ interests in specialty products grow to bolster immune systems, digestion, libido, memory, stress, and aging management, the innovative solutions of DYNATABS® has met the challenge providing the right combination of potent vitamins, wholesome nutrients, natural composition, good clean hydration management and appealing product assortment as a welcome safe alternative. The natural ingredients of the entire line have an historical track record among modern herbalists and ancient practitioners.


Strips nominated as one of the best inventions by Time Magazine.


Top performers exceeding customers expectations that DYNATABS® satisfies:

  • Energy
  • Weight Management
  • Digestive Wellness
  • Libido
  • Memory
  • Immunity
  • Antioxidant
  • Youthful Wellness Appearance